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Family Domestic Violence

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Family Domestic Violence

While violence may take many different forms including physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and financial, it is characterised by a pattern of abusive behaviour involving a perpetrator’s exercise of control over the victim, referred to as coercive control, often for an extended period.

This behaviour may occur throughout a relationship, or it may be initiated or exacerbated at times of heightened risk for example, pregnancy, attempted or actual separation, and during court proceedings dealing with children or joint property matters.

Perth Family Domestic Violence
Family Domestic Violence Perth

We are acutely aware of the increased risk of family and domestic violence after separation. Your safety during this time is paramount. Your lived experience is important and we will endeavour to hold your experiences as we assist with your separation, parenting matters or property matters.

Depending on the circumstances during the relationship, your experience of family and domestic violence may be considered in your parenting or property issues.

Our team can assist you with your family law issue, especially if you and your children have experienced family and domestic violence.

I am in a domestic violent relationship. Where can I get help?

Your ToolKit is an excellent resource to assist you with:

  • Your safety within the relationship;
  • Leaving the relationship;
  • Your safety and support after leaving the relationship; and 
  • Your financial future after leaving the relationship 

Click below to read more about Your ToolKit.

Click below for further Family and Domestic Violence Services and Resources.

Family Domestic Violence Lawyers Perth

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