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Consent Orders

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Consent Orders Perth

You do not need to engage in years of litigation to obtain a Court Order.  An Order can also be obtained as confirmation of an agreement between you and your ex-partner, and there are many benefits to having that agreement finalised in a Court Order.

You can obtain a Final Court Order by consent by completing an Application for Consent Orders and providing a copy of the Order that you want the Court to make.

You can obtain Consent Orders for both child arrangements and financial settlement, along with other discrete areas of family law.

A Consent Order is binding and enforceable on both parties. Please contact our office for assistance in drafting Consent Orders to ensure all aspects of your agreement are covered by clicking here.

There are a number of benefits in capturing your agreement in a Consent Order. Doing so ensures a greater level of finality and certainty in your future. There can also be numerous financial benefits, which we can discuss with you. 

You can obtain a Consent Order without the assistance of a legal practitioner. 

However, there are many benefits to having a lawyer assist you with this process. Consent Orders must be approved by the Family Court. It is important to ensure that the Consent Order you draft accurately captures the agreement you and your ex-partner have reached, written in a way that allows them to be accepted by the Court.

Perth Consent Orders

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