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An Application for Divorce is different to parenting arrangements and financial settlements.

Divorce is the formal ending of a marriage. You do not have to apply for a Divorce after separating from a spouse and there is no deadline before which you must make the Application. However, should you wish to remarry in the future, you must obtain a Divorce before doing so.

An Application for Divorce can be made solely by one spouse or jointly by both spouses.

To make an Application for Divorce, you and your ex-partner must:

  • have been married;
  • have been separated for 12 months;
  • have no intention to reconcile; and
  • if there are children of the marriage under 18 years of age, have proper arrangements in place for the care of those children.

If you would like assistance in applying for a divorce, you can speak to one of our experienced family lawyers.

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