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Family Dispute Resolution

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Family Dispute Resolution

Before asking a Judge or Magistrate to make decisions about your family, you should try to reach an agreement with your ex-partner first. Doing this allows you to retain some control over your future and ensures that the path forward is one that both you and your ex-partner are agreeable to. 

Sometimes, it is possible to reach an agreement without needing to involve anyone else. However, this can be very difficult in matters involving children and financial settlement due to the relationship between the parties having already broken down and the added emotional pressures that arise from these discussions. Family Dispute Resolution is a form of mediation where a professional will help to facilitate the conversation between you and your ex-partner so that it remains constructive and productive. We believe that doing so gives you the best opportunity of reaching an agreement together.

Perth Family Dispute Resolution
Family Dispute Resolutions Perth

The majority of our solicitors are nationally accredited mediators. We can use those skills to represent you in a mediation, or, as a mediator.

We can:

  1. represent you at Family Dispute Resolution;
  2. coach you before Family Dispute Resolution; or
  3. Debbie Clinch and Vincent Tan can conduct Family Dispute Resolution with your ex-partner and, if desired, your lawyers from another firm.

Do I have to go through Family Dispute Resolution?

In most cases involving the care arrangements for children, you must attempt Family Dispute Resolution before you can ask for the Court to determine the matter.

The same requirement does not apply in property settlement matters, however, it is still beneficial to attempt to settle your matter through family dispute resolution before commencing court proceedings. You should seek legal advice on whether you can be exempted from Family Dispute Resolution if you do not wish to attend.

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