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Buying and Selling

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Buying and Selling

Whether you are buying or selling a property, it is very important to have your contract reviewed before you sign to ensure it covers all relevant issues and includes appropriate clauses to protect your interests.

We can assist with all aspects of buying and selling a property, including reviewing and preparing contracts, negotiation and advice, and attending to settlement.

We are able to complete settlements both manually and electronically using the PEXA platform.

Property Development

We can assist with preparation and review of contracts relating to the subdivision and development of land, and we can prepare applications for registration of strata plans or applications for new titles.

We will provide advice and assistance with planning approvals and development agreements, joint venture agreements and other commercial contracts.

Commercial and Retail Leases

We can prepare and negotiate commercial and retail leases for clients who own property, including shopping centre leases and standalone commercial premises.

If you are considering leasing commercial/industrial or retail premises, we will review your lease and provide you with relevant advice as to your rights and obligations under the lease.  We will advise you as to the importance of protecting your leasehold interests, including options for renewal and registration of the lease or lodging a caveat to notify any unregistered interest.  We can also assist with the negotiation of terms if necessary.

We provide advice to both landlords and tenants, as well as property managers and centre managers.  We can also prepare and advise in relation to default notices and termination notices.

Business and Property Services:

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